HEPCO&BECKERs standard side carriers are firmly bolted to the motorcycle. All normal hard lugagge cases from Hepco & Becker fit this carrier. The cases are fastened to the carrier by means of a quick release fastener. For this purpose, an aluminum adapter is required which is normally included within the delivery of the case. (Item number: 700114) This aluminum adapter is screwed to the rear right and left of the carrier and offer the holder for the luggage lock.
The model-specific carriers are solidly developed and offer effective protection for the legs of the driver, or the passenger, even in the event of a fall.
The side case carriers from HEPCO&BECKER can usually be combined without problems with a tube topcase carrier or other rear racks systems from our company. Please refer to the mounting instructions.
Construction of steel tube MADE IN GERMANY
Tightly bolted to the motorcycle
signal lights usually remain in the original position, but sometimes they must also be displaced (please note the mounting instructions for the product)
Recommended load: 10kg per side case (please pay attention to model-specific instructions of the motorcycle manufacturer or instructions on the mounting instructions)
Right + left incl. mounting kit and instructions
Luggage carriers do not require ABE or registration in Germany
Suitable for : Suzuki M 1500
Compatible with following models
Please check mounting instructions for more info
Item no. : 650332 00 02
EAN : 4042545523053
Vehicle specific information : The indicator lights remain in their original position.
Weight : 4.8 kg


【在庫有】 サイドケースキャリアクローム Hepco&Becker Suzuki 02 00 650332 | 1500 M-パニアケース・サイドボックス

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【在庫有】 サイドケースキャリアクローム Hepco&Becker Suzuki 02 00 650332 | 1500 M-パニアケース・サイドボックス

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【在庫有】 サイドケースキャリアクローム Hepco&Becker Suzuki 02 00 650332 | 1500 M-パニアケース・サイドボックス

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